James Adkinson (8/18/1985)
Doug Albrecht (obit)
Ernest Barber (obit)
Nancy Gross Barns (12/28/2000)
Dennis Binkele
Lee Birks
Dennis Bittner
Steve Blackwell
Nancy Brake
Steve Brand
Nancy Brockway
Sue Brown (obit)
Connie Burke Hays (obit - 7/17/2016)
Joyce Burland Perino (obit - 12/20/2019)
John Burrell (obit)
Jo Ellen Conn Ludolph (obit)
Linda Day
Dan Dexter (obit)
Dick Dustin
Kathey Egart Shumaker (obit - 6/2018)
Dave Ehrlich
Linda Eller Sorenson (obit - 9/1/2018)
Jim Feleccia
Bill Fouts
Carolyn Fouts (obit)
Thomas Frantz
Lowell Gauf
Bill Glavash (obit)
Jane Henderer Buckles (obit - 3/14/2018)
Susan Honnold West (obit - 2/8/2017)
Donna Howard
Ernest (E. J.) Immel
Nick Johnson (obit - 3/12/2018)
Andy Johnston
Ken Krider
Jim Kromphardt
Mike Lavin (obit - 1/5/2017)
Roger Lowery (obit)
John McLain
Carol Meister
Linda Melvin Carr (obit - 1/8/2019)
Keith Norman
John Lee Philips (obit - 3/17/2017)
Susan Prezel
Turney Prince
Larry Reatherford (obit) (PJS Article 8/6/2014)
Dave Reynolds (obit)
Steve Rogers (obit)
Dave Runkle (obit)
Brenda Rushing
Jeffry "Tedd" Schoch (obit - 6/8/2016)
Robin Schunk (obit)
Lisa See Gudmunson (2/19/2010)
Jolinda Sloto (obit)
Laurie Smith
Margaret Smith
Randy Stewart (obit)
Alan Lee Turner (8/16/1989)
Bob Updike
Bob Ward
Glen Wills


Coach Ty Franklin (obit)


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