James Adkinson (8/18/1985)
Doug Albrecht (obit)
Ernest Barber (obit)
Nancy Gross Barns (12/28/2000)
Dennis Binkele
Lee Birks
Dennis Bittner
Steve Blackwell
Nancy Brake
Steve Brand
Nancy Brockway
Sue Brown (obit)
John Burrell (obit)
Jo Ellen Conn Ludolph (obit)
Linda Day
Dan Dexter (obit)
Dick Dustin
Dave Ehrlich
Jim Feleccia
Bill Fouts
Carolyn Fouts (obit)
Thomas Frantz
Lowell Gauf
Bill Glavash (obit)
Susan Honnold West (obit - 2/8/17)
Donna Howard
Ernest (E. J.) Immel
Andy Johnston
Ken Krider
Jim Kromphardt
Mike Lavin (obit - 1/5/2017)
Roger Lowery (obit)
John McLain
Carol Meister
Keith Norman
Susan Prezel
Turney Prince
Larry Reatherford (obit) (PJS Article 8/6/2014)
Dave Reynolds (obit)
Steve Rogers (obit)
Dave Runkle (obit)
Brenda Rushing
Jeffry "Tedd" Schoch (obit - 6/8/2016)
Robin Schunk (obit)
Lisa See Gudmunson (2/19/2010)
Jolinda Sloto (obit)
Laurie Smith
Margaret Smith
Randy Stewart (obit)
Alan Lee Turner (8/16/1989)
Bob Updike
Bob Ward
Glen Wills


Coach Ty Franklin (obit)


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